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Granja en almere - 70F architecture

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Explosion Cabinet, Look-Again Collection - Sebastian Errazuriz

With just a few simple pulls, this simple-looking maple wood cabinet quickly ‘explodes’ into a complex geometric form; with a single central seam that beckons the touch of the user. In moments the intricate series of rails slide apart and reveal the true nature of the product.

"A beautiful, surprising, and confounding work that represents the playful conceit of the master cabinet maker showing off" - Rachel Delphia, exhibition curator.

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Infoversum Groningen

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Selgas Cano - Architect’s offices, Madrid 2008. Via, photos (C) Iwan Baan


Selgas Cano - El Batel Auditorium and convention center, Cartagena 2012. Photos (C) Roland HalbeIwan Baan


Magnus Celestii by Joseph Walsh Studio.

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park it

1.  folly/ron arad for magis

2. family bench/valentin garal for le proc-shop

3. bamboo bench

4. the longest bench/studio weave

5. kajen public bench/thomas bernstrand

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a house in the trees: residence of daisen, japan/k2-design

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Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira recently completed work on his largest installation to date at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo. Oliveira uses the repurposed wood pieces as a skin nailed to an organic framework that looks intentionally like a large root system. Because the space provided by the museum was so immense, the artist expanded the installation into a fully immersive environment where viewers are welcome to enter the artwork and explore the cavernous interior.

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Peter Zumthor - Swiss sound box, a pavilion for the 2000 expo in Hanover. The temporary pavilion was designed with the expo’s theme of “sustainability” in mind. Over 3000 cubic meters of Swiss Larch and Fir were shipped to Germany, and stacked in a fashion similar to standard lumber-drying racks. Engineer Jürg Conzett was brought in to devise a cable tensioning system that allowed the structure to be assembled without the use of nails, screws, or other adhesives. The tension rods were periodically tightened throughout the course of the expo to maintain structural integrity as the wood dried. The project was then disassembled and shipped back to Switzerland in a post-tensioned state, increasing the value of the lumber. The porous design also played a crucial role in the programing of the space; unlike other pavilions which traditionally served as national portfolios, the soundbox was intended as place to relax, socialize, and explore. Over 500 musicians wandered through the projects labyrinthian layout during its 6 month existence, sometimes interacting through the walls, other times congregation for orchestral performances. Three different bar and food areas ensured visitors had a more private space to relax amongst the congested expo grounds. Photos (C) Roland Halbe


vicem bodrum residences ~ emre arolat architects




rising on the shores of dubai creek in the UAE, ‘D1’ is an 80-storey residential tower underway by sydney-based innovarchi.
part of the culture village development, the base of the new building features a screen-like canopy made which emulates the form of
rose petals. derived from the process of dhow trading boat construction, the undulating timber grid moderates the conditioned 
interior spaces and the external desert environment with a shaded transition. the framework protects the layered glass facades 
from the harsh sun and heat along with a reflective silver skin.